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author: ImperialTravelers

✅ ′′ Signachi ", a city of love in the style of South Italian classicism, which is famous for its eponymous fortress, which is among the list of the most famous and large fortresses of Georgia (XVII century). And we have the views of extraordinary beauty of Alazan Valley.

✅ Alazan valley, which opens excellent panoramas from different points of the city of Signahi.

✅ On the way, we look at how they bake Kakheti bread in a clay oven and if we wish, we will participate ourselves.

✅ Let's see the ancient monastery of Bodbe, which is famous throughout Georgia thanks to the enlightenment of Georgia, Saint Equal Apostolic Nino.

✅ Let's visit Saint Nino's spring.

In Sagarejo, we will enjoy the drinks of the famous local wine cellar, where you can try wine straight from quevri (free).


☑️ Group tour: 45 lari

☑️ Individual excursion:

VIP 4 Person. 350 lari

VIP 7 Person. 400 lari

VIP18 The Man. 750 lari


A tour every day:

🕙 from: 09:30 to: 19:00

You can also order:

🚐 Transfer.

🏢 Hotels, (apartment).

Restaurant (to your taste).

🚐 Excursions to any direction.


🚐 Transfer from the airport:

1-3 people. 40 lari

4-7 people. 70 lari

8-20 people. 160 lari


☎️ to order, call:

+ 571318008 995 Whatsapp Viber (Irina)

Email: [email protected]


Address: Abano street №15.

D. Agmashenebeli № 25/Z. Kurdiani №8.

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